A Certified National Precast Plant! A Select Group!

What does it mean to be a NPCA Certified Plant?

It means that Western Precast Concrete Inc. is voluntarily committed to production of high-quality product by the use of Quality Control Manual for Precast Plants published by NPCA. The program covers all the aspects of a precast operation necessary for production of high-quality precast concrete products and quality assurance. Compliance with the Quality Control Manual is verified with inspections of the plant on annual basis. The program certifies that plants meeting the requirements set forth in the NPCA Quality Control Manual are capable of producing high-quality products.

NPCA Certified - Western Precast

What are the benefits of being a NPCA Certified Plant?

  • Assistance to management in achieving excellence in plants/operations. An inspector brings the experience of observing many other precast plants across the U.S. A plant benefits from insights on how to improve processes, efficiency and products.
  • Assurance of a uniformly high degree of excellence in plant facilities, production, processes, and quality control operations.
  • On projects where the NPCA Plant Certification Program is specified, one standard of quality is set for precast concrete products.
  • Shows a plants commitment to produce high quality products. The end users of these products also benefit because they can easily identify and select high-quality precast concrete manufacturers.
  • Plants that strive for and achieve a high degree of excellence stand out among plants wishing to supply products to a particular project.
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