20 Years and Counting!

Spanish For our Summer 2021 issue, Western Precast and staff wants to congratulate Jose Mejia for achieving his 20 year tenure this year. Jose is

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A Healthy Lifestyle!

Spanish For our Summer 2021 issue, Western Precast wants to congratulate Jorge, Production Manager, for turning his life around and living a healthier lifestyle. Jorge,

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Quality Merit Award

Spanish Congratulations to our QC Director, Dillon Murray, and the entire QC staff. Western Precast was recently awarded, the 2020 Quality Merit Award. This award

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Infrastructure Products

Infrastructure Products

Spanish Here at Western Precast all of our small infrastructure products are just as important as our larger products. One of these items is the

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Platinum award 2021, Western Precast Concrete

Platinum Safety Award

Spanish Western Precast has tallied over 600 days without a lost Anne incident and recently we were honored for our safety record by NPCA. Western

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Crane Maintenance

(Spanish) The Western Precast maintenance department is currently working on general repair and maintenance of the boom crane trucks for our shipping department. These crane

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Exits: Safety First!

(Spanish) Every building designed for human occupancy should be provided with exits that are sufficient to permit the prompt escape of occupants in case of

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Why Rebar Spacing is Crucial - Western Precast Concrete

Why Rebar Spacing is Crucial

(Spanish) Once an engineer designs a reinforced concrete component, the cross-sectional area of reinforcing steel required for every foot of product length must be calculated.

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Proper Crane Usa - Western Precast

Proper Crane Usage

(Spanish) Use Your Crane for the Proper Purpose When cranes are used for something that is not their intended purpose, issues will arise. This is

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Juan Alvarez, Winter Maintenance - Western Precast Concrete

Winter Maintenance

(Spanish) The Western Precast maintenance workshop is preparing for the winter season that is right around the corner. We perform special maintenance for our work

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Equipment Maintenance - Western Precast Concrete

Equipment Maintenance

The Western Precast maintenance workshop at this time is in one of the most important phases of our company’s operations, specifically with respect to the

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Water-Cement Ratio - Western Precast Concrete

What is Water-Cement Ratio?

Water-cement ratio means the ratio between the weight of water to the weight of cement used when preparing concrete mix, and plays an important role

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The Use of Vibration Frequency

Proper consolidation of fresh concrete is a very important component of quality concrete in any precast plant. Fresh concrete must be properly consolidated, to ensure

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Testing for Compressive Strength - Western Precast

Testing for Compressive Strength

One of the most important properties of concrete is its compressive strength. Testing for compressive strength helps determine whether a product meets specified strength requirements,

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Summer Maintenance - Western Precast Concrete

Summer Maintenance

The Western Precast Maintenance workshop has once again completed a summer of minimized breakdowns due to annual preparations that were made for the summer heat.

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Customers Say it Best - Western Precast


FEATURING: Benjamin Steed, Drainage Superintendent at Abrams-Kiewit (from left to right) Amassing over 25 years of collective experience in general contracting and infrastructure, the Abrams-Kiewit

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The Effects of Clay in Concrete - Western Precast Concrete

The Effects of Clay in Concrete

Concrete is a construction material composed of three main materials: cement, water and aggregates (sand, natural gravel or crushed stone). Sometimes an admixture is added

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Luis Castro - Western Precast

Employee Feature: Luis Castro

A near three-year employee, Luis R. Castro provides assistance in production at Western Precast. Initially employed as an Arias Staffer, within a few short months

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Spring 2019: Note from the Office

Recently, Western Precast conducted their annual third-party, unannounced plant inspection. Sebastian Winkler of Hanson Professional Services, an engineering firm, arrived early on April 4th, 2019

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Ahead of the Curve

In November of this year, OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) enacted a new requirement for crane operator certification. This new certification requirement is

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Letter From The Office

Congratulations to the entire staff at Western Precast for a job well done once again! Western recently went through our unannounced annual inspection for NPCA,

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rescue mission | Western Precast El Paso

Rescue Mission Donation

Blake W. Barrow, CEO of the Rescue Mission of El Paso, feels that the recent donation of tables from Western Precast has allowed the creation

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Calctulating sling angles | Wester Precast El Paso

Calculating Sling Angles

When making a lift, one of the first things we should consider is the angle of our rigging, whether it be cable, nylon slings, chains,

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Something New!

Karina Ceniceros is doing something new! “I am now part of the sales team at Western Precast Concrete, Inc. It is a challenge as well

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Julio Esquivel, Wester Precast Concrete

My Dream Is To Be An Architect

Julio Esquivel, an El Paso Community College student, is the newest member of the Drafting team at Western Precast Concrete, Inc., whose responsibilities involve taking

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Your Future Starts here, Western Precast Concrete employee benefits

Your Future Starts Here

What is Profit Sharing? Profit sharing at Western Precast Concrete, Inc. is a fully employer funded contribution to each employee who qualifies. The contribution is

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Lorenzo Pacheco, Western Precast

Welcome To Our Family

With just about one week as the new Dispatcher at Western Precast Concrete, Inc. Lorenzo Pacheco says,”I feel like a member of the family. I

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NPCA Certified & Recognized!

Western Precast Concrete is pleased to announce that it has been awarded status as a National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA) certified plant. The designation recognizes

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Angel Najera - WPC

Perfect Attendance

“Good attendance is important in my job because, it’s a way to demonstrate that I am a responsible person. For me, my job is very

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Look What You Did!

“Many time employees don’t get to see the end results of their hard work because the parts are delivered to the construction sites where they

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