A Life Changing Experience for a Western Precast Employee

Sergio Arvizo, Western Precast Employee

You wouldn’t know it by looking at him, but Sergio Arvizo, Safety & Personnel Director with Western Precash has a past that led him to make a dramatic changes to his lifestyle. Sergio explains, “At one point my doctor told me that I had to make changes or I’d be shopping for a box to place in the ground.” That was no joke! Sergio weighed over 300 pounds and was face with major health concerns. Chronic high blood pressure and diabetes haunted him to a point that he decided to make a major changes.

“I use the benefit that Western Precast provides for employees for a major discounted rate at EP Fitness. I am at the gym every morning at 4:00 a.m. I watch what I eat and my intake of alcohol. Although my days can be long, because of the exercise, I able to keep up without the amount of stress that I use to have.”


When asked what motivated him to make the needed changes, Sergio says: “I had no choice at that point. I have a wife and children that I care for and who love me and needed me I decided to take action and the action paid off.” Today, Sergio has a lost over 100 pounds and manages his blood pressure and diabetes through living a more fulfilling and healthier lifestyle.10 Cheers for Sergio!

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