A New Team Member : Herman Aguilar, Road, Jobsite & Safety Supervisor

Herman Aguilar, Western Precast

Ever since he cam remember, Herman Aguilar, the newest member of the Western Precast Concrete safety team, says, “Safety has always been the number one for me.” From home life with his family and children, to his strong opinions about drivers on the road, the new Road & Jobsite Safety Supervisors feels that if more people felt the way he did about safety, we have have a better environment in general for everyone.

With a long history of experience in positions that emphasize safety, Herman was hired to assist Sergio Arvizu, Safety Manager. The objective of his position is to enforce safety in the workplace and on the jobsite, whether it’s driving or pouring manholes. I want to assure that we to the place we are going, whether its for deliveries or anything else, safely. “My hope is to make a difference,” says Herman. He continues, “Especially in the driving environment. If I can create awareness, then I think I have done my job.” Herman says, ” I love what I do.”

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