Cover Story: 22 Years of Dedication

Almost 23 years ago in 1984, Jorge was just getting ready to graduate from Riverside High School and was in a vocational program. He had just begun to work with Western Precast Concrete (WPC). What was his job? “Well, I did whatever they needed me to do. I would clean the yard, and pull weeds along the roadside,” says Jorge.

Although his job and life have changed, he says, there’s one thing that hasn’t. “The owners and management have always treated me good, no matter what job I held.” Now holding the title as Production Manager, Jorge says he’s done many different jobs during the time he’s been at WPC, “If you want to work, and want to move up, there;s room to grow,” says Jorge.

Not only has Jorge’s job title and responsibilties changed and grown over the years, Jorge has grown up with WPC, too. Jorge says, “Back then we had a little shop and it would rain more inside, than out! I have seen many changes. “No longer an 18 year old guy, Jorge now has a family. “I owe thanks to my wife, Luz, for support. I feel really grateful for the fact that my job has been able to help me provide for my wife and my three children, Corina, Jessica and Jorge.” says Jorge. Jorge smiles and looks quite intense. “Most important. it’s due to the owners of WPC. They should already have their place in heaven.”

Well, Jorge, Western Precast Concrete feels the same about you! From the management and staff at Western Precast Concrete, Inc., Congratulations and Thank You for your dedication and professionalism throughout the years!

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