Employee Feature: Alfredo Dominguez

Employee feature Alfredo Dominguez - Western Precast

A near four-year employee come August of 2019, Alfredo Dominguez currently works in the reinforcement department at Western Precast, and provides the production departments with wire reinforcement and rebar for pullboxes and cone sections for manholes. With an entire decade of reinforcement experience under his belt, Alfredo has been an asset to the company for the industry expertise that he brings to the table. He says, “The best thing I like about my job is working with wire,” and says he also enjoys working with a diverse team and receiving valuable feedback from them.

As with all our employees, we asked Alfredo about his favorite Western Precast events and not surprisingly, he points to the annual employee appreciation luncheon, as well as the annual washer tournament, which he enjoys competing in every year. When asked about his management team, he says, “I really like working for them … they recognize every employee.” During his free time, Alfredo enjoys riding his motorcycle and taking part in charitable runs, of which his favorite is the Annual Red River Memorial Motorcycle Rally in New Mexico. His vision is simple: Enjoy a comfortable retirement and quality time with his family. Western Precast salutes Alfredo for his valuable time and service to the company, and extends its many thanks and appreciation to him!

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