Employee Feature: Ana Karina Flores

Featured Employee

This issue features Western Precast’s Product Manager/Estimator, Ana Karina Flores. A near four-year member of our team, Ana came to us through Arias staffing in June 2016 to fulfill the accounts payable and receptionist duties. Soon after, she added our accounts receivable to her job description, as well tending to the entire front desk operations as needed. Proving to be fully capable of taking on greater responsibility, Ana began working on quoting for bidding projects and would “jump in” when help was needed.

Ana was eventually offered the position of Product Manager/Estimator and now works on bidding projects from start to finish, including the handling of purchase orders, ensuring accuracy in pricing, and reviewing and approving drafts and production drawings. In essence, Ana works to ensure that all project specifications are fully met—a job that requires superb attention to detail and organization.

When asked what she likes most about working at Western Precast, Ana says, “The people, I’d say. We help each other out. That’s what I like the most.” When she’s not focused on her job, Ana enjoys spending time with her daughter, Angelika, and her husband, Bryce. She adds drawing to her list of hobbies and says she’d like to learn to play the guitar one day. Her vision is to finish her accounting degree and possibly study engineering, since she finds that her love of numbers goes hand in hand with these areas of study. For the moment, we’ll continue to see Ana as a valuable employee who contributes greatly to the success of the Western Precast team!

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