It’s Not Just a House, It’s a Home!

Buying your own home is an investment worth every penny. Saving and budgeting your money is important and pays off when you have your own place to come home to that’s yours!”

George Rodriguez, Production Manager

“The purchase of a home property should be the one goal that everyone should strive to achieve. The payoff is having a both place to live and an investment all in one.”

John Franklin, Sales Manager

“Every day I am thankful and proud of te decision I made to purchase my home. It gave me a sense of accomplishment , and it will do the same for anyone else, too.”

Zandra Fierro, Estimating & Sales

“Because I feel like I threw away money for seven years by renting, I am constantly sharing with people the joy of owning your own home. These days it is so much easier to get financing.”

Sergio Arvizu, Safety Manager

El Paso Housing Finance Corporation Mortgage Revenue Bond Program

Buying a home can be affordable thanks to a special new partnership between the City of El Paso Housing Finance Corporation and local home mortgage lenders. Homebuyers in El Paso now have a chance to own a home of their own with down payment and/or closing cost assistance. This Homebuyer assistance program is geared for home buyers who have not owned a principal residence in the last 3 years and who meet the income guidelines.

Interested homebuyers should contact one of the participating mortgage lenders to ask about the Home Buyer Assistance Program and what is required to meet all the guidelines. More information can be found on the Housing Finance Corporation’s Website or by calling 915 541-4845.

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