Job Security, Dedication Brings Opportunity

Paulette Brown, Western Precast

On March 23, Paulette Brown, moved in to her very first home with her husband. “It was time! We wanted to buy five years ago, but I was laid off from my last job. Now, after just short time of looking at houses, we found our home by working together with the realtor.” she continues. “I recommend it to anyone that wants a place to call their own. It’s a little stressful but well worth it! Once you decide, don’t look back. Get approved! There are lots of houses out there for different income levels!”

cracks in concrete

 Cracks in Concrete

Spanish Cracks occur on concrete members no matter if they are being cast on construction sites, cast in place, or in a precast concrete plant.

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Injury Prevention

What is Injury Prevention

Spanish  A combination of our Safety Program, Safety Meetings, Job Safety Analysis and Hazard Assessments are all great contributions to injury prevention. The participation of

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Challenging Projects

Spanish  Looking back at production projects during the past months, one of the more challenging projects was for Smithee Construction. We produced precast concrete structures

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