Fall 2020: New Western Precast Employees

Earl Jensen | Crane Operator

Getting his start at Western in just June of 2020, Earl has experience working as a wireline operator. Through his new role here as a crane operator, Earl says he most enjoys the “job stability” he feels he has here at Western Precast, and says his ultimate career goal is to “advance his position” to one that is both long-term and allows him to be productive even well into his later, more mature years as an employee. When asked about what Earl enjoys to do when he’s not busy at work, he says, “I like to go shooting and skiing with my free time.” We always like to ask our new employees to tell us something about them that their coworkers might not ever know and for Earl it was serving in the Marine Corps for a total of four years, of which included two deployments. Clearly, not only has Earl made valuable contributions to our nation, he’s also making valuable contributions each day at Western. For that we say thank you for your service, Earl … and thank you for being a great part of our team!

Adrian Rondan | Assistant Quality Control Director

A recent addition to our team, Adrian joined Western Precast only a few months back. With over six years of concrete industry experience, he says he enjoys what he does and adds, “I have dedicated the time that I have to work on obtaining all of the certifications that I need to improve the type of work I do and also to learn the specifications for the work that we do.” As for his new role at Western, Adrian says, “The most that I enjoy about working for Western Precast is the ability to work efficiently and productively.” When he’s not working, he enjoys exploring hiking areas and beaches, as well as playing soccer and spending time with his family. We asked Adrian to tell us something his coworkers might not ever know about him and the answer was his love for travel and visiting new places. “I enjoy a good vacation with my family and hopefully next year we will be traveling to Peru or Bolivia,” he adds. We’re glad to have Adrian on our team and also look forward to seeing him take his career to the next level!

Manuel Ruben Sigala | Property Manager

Another recent addition, Manny joined Western in July of 2020. His experience began at only age 12 when he worked at his father’s carpentry jobs at Jerry Lund Builder, Inc. and George Thomas Homes. He says, “I decided to keep my construction roots alive by returning back to the construction field after 21 years of being in the retail sales field.” He earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in 2007 and considers himself a “Renaissance man.” Not surprising, “Handy Manny” handles numerous tasks from coordinating projects with vendors, fixing leaks, delivering equipment, to even launching Western’s first “collectible EBay
store.” When asked what he enjoys most about Western, Manny says, “WPC has shown that they really care for their employees; being in sales for half of my life and never getting this type of treatment has made me realize that I should have been working for WPC a long time ago.” When he’s not being handy, Manny enjoys mountain biking and rides an average of 50 miles per week.An interesting fact: While traveling in Yucatán, Mexico, he saved a woman from falling off the highest Mayan temple of Chichen Itza. We’re proud to have you on board, Manny!

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