Perfect Attendance

Angel Najera - WPC

“Good attendance is important in my job because, it’s a way to demonstrate that I am a responsible person. For me, my job is very important. In my mind there’s nothing more important than work.”

Angel Najera, Production Foreman/12 Year Staff Member

“For me, it’s important to have good attendance at my job, to have better benefits it helps me grow in my job. I am able to have such great attendance by doing the best I can and being responsible.”

Jose Gomez – Truck Driver / 7 Years of Combined Service

“Having good attendance at my job has allowed me to demonstrate my dedication towards the company I work for. I have been able to maintain such great attendance by enjoying the work that I do and just knowing that I have a family to support with an obligation to my work.”

Jorge Rodriguez – Production Manager

My Home

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