Storm Chamber

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  1. Helps counter drought conditions by maintaining groundwater base flow to streams.
  2. Replicates pre-development hydrology.
  3. Eliminates thermal discharge loadings.
  4. Replenishes groundwater supplies.
  5. Achieves higher pollutant removal rates through soil filtration and accelerated
    microbial actions (bio-remediation).
  6. Achieves Low Impact Development, LEED and Zero Discharge goals.
  7. Reduces dependence on stormwater ponds and associated maintenance costs,
    liability and mosquito problems and allows for higher value use of the pond area.
  8. Provides a lower cost and longer effective life alternative to perforated pipe.
  9. Provides a lower cost alternative to drainage pipe for conveyance, with added
    benefits of groundwater recharge and water quality enhancement.

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