Quality Assurance is What We’re About!

Richard Alvarado - Quality Control Director, Western Precast Concrete, 2006

Western Precast recently brought on two new additions to the area of Quality Control. An entire computer upgrade for the Batch Plant and a new Quality Control Director, Richard Alvarado. Alvarado previously worked dispatched and says his opportunity came at the perfect time for this position, as he is learning the operations of his major upgrade from the ground up and he will know the system in and out. He says, this new system will increase productivity and allow better control of concrete materials by measuring percentages to include humidity. “Western Precast does not substitute anything for safety and quality,” says Alvarado. He continues, “On a daily basis we follow all specifications from drawings and ensure the quality of the concrete. We don’t cut corners.”

In two years, Alvarado will graduate from the University of Texas at El Paso with Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering and a Minor in Structural Engineering, Alvarado says, “This position fits perfectly within my degree plan and will allow me to gain field experience and lots of knowledge. I am very happy that I have this opportunity, and little by little, will gain all of my certifications!”

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