Summer 2020: Note from The Office

First and foremost, thank you to our valued staff members and clients alike. This year, 2020, has certainly been one that nobody anticipated. To think that just a few months ago, 2019 was proving to be positive in the aspects of health, employment and social comfort. It is interesting that the precast concrete industry, nationwide, has remained strong, while serving Department of Transportation needs across the country. When the pandemic hit, we all wondered if we would remain open, who was vital and what the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak would be. While participating in many webinars that addressed our industry and the activities of precast producers during the past few months, it seems that all producers have remained strong and continued to produce for state, municipal and federal projects alike.

Keeping all our staff employed and working is our utmost concern. Western, like so many organizations, moved quickly to implement local, county and federal OSHA guidelines for employee wellness. Suspending company gatherings and activities, closing our lunch room areas, and providing facemasks, hand sanitizer and temperature checks all became the norm. Having the bulk of our administrative staff work from home and closing the office to the public was implemented, and as these were only a few of the many changes that have occurred, it has been a daily task to keep up with all of the guidelines and recommendations from the authorities. While each implementation caused additional burden in adoption and enforcement, and often restricted employee comforts, everything has been done with the safety of each staff member in mind. No organization is stronger than the individuals that make up its workforce. At Western Precast, each and every staff member is valued and respected. Let’s all look forward with positive attitudes and thankful for what we have and mindful of those less fortunate.

By/Por: Leo Feuerstein

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