Summer Maintenance

Summer Maintenance - Western Precast Concrete

The Western Precast Maintenance workshop has once again completed a summer of minimized breakdowns due to annual preparations that were made for the summer heat. Preparations are made prior to the worst of the summer heat to ensure that all equipment and vehicles are operating at optimum performance.

Along with standard PM’s (preventive maintenance), additional consideration is given to all the parts and areas that tend to crack or break due to the high heat from both equipment operation and the summer temperatures. Hydraulic hoses are one common issue: Combine 100-plus degree weather with the high operating temperature of hydraulic oil and you might quickly end up with a bust in a hydraulic line. All equipment hoses, therefore, are carefully inspected and replaced as needed.

Every year, this is one of the many steps that our department takes to ensure safe and optimum operation of all of the vehicles and equipment on site.

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