Three Musts To Be a Good Rigger

Three Musts to be a Good Rigger - Western Precast Concrete

Riggers work in a variety of climates and conditions. Having the required training is one aspect of the job, but to be a successful rigger, one must have the skills that training classes can’t teach.

1. Strong Communication

Projects are built upon communication. Riggers need to communicate with fellow colleagues, as well as others involved in the construction process, to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

At any level of a project, communication is necessary. Therefore, a rigger must see themselves as an integral part of the process, whether they’re the operator or
the supervisor.

2. Excellent Decision Making

When working with heavy machinery, there will always be risk involved. That’s why superb decision making is critical. Riggers are expected to act quickly whenever something does go wrong. Identifying problems before they become issues is a key trait of a good rigger. Recognizing changes as they occur, while acting accordingly, is something that’s hard to teach and is rather a personal skill stemming from determination and watchfulness.

3. Confidence with Equipment and a
Willingness to Learn

As a rigger, you’ll be expected to use a variety of equipment. From operating vehicles on the way to a job to using a forklift, you’ll learn how to move and handle heavy loads using a variety of equipment. A rigger with a strong willingness to learn will advance his or her skills by gaining further knowledge and training, therefore allowing them to complete tasks on their own.

Photo/Foto: John Horta

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