Cover Story: In For The Long Haul

Alfred Torrez, Western Precast

On April 3, 1990 Alfred or “Fred” Torrez began a whole new life. “I started working for Western Precast Concrete, Inc. just after I left a position with a local furniture outlet and I’ve been here now for 17 years!” Fred worked as a driver for thirteen of those years and was then offered a position as a Shipping Manager. “I’ve been doing it ever since,” he says. Fred is a supervisor in charge of all drivers, making sure everything runs smoothly from the delivery to the customer service upon delivery.

“I remember when I first started Western Precast Concrete, Inc., I thought it was temporary, I was only 19. Today, I appreciate my job. This job has given me the opportunity to better my life,” he says. Fred has not only bettered his own life, but he is now able to help his son better his life with an education, supporting him while attending and studying at UT Dallas to become a physical therapist. Fred closes the conversation by saying, “Well, if you’re responsible with a family, Western Precast Concrete, Inc. is a good place to be. It has worked for me for 17 years, and I’ll stay here another 17 years!”

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