Customer Say It Best: Prime Construction

Prime Construction - Western Precast

Recently, Western Precast Concrete had the pleasure of talking to Jaime “Jimmy” Rodriguez, owner at Prime Construction and one of our very own valued customers. The construction mogul met us at one of the newest projects underway for his long-tenured, 26-year old construction company, which operates mostly in the West Texas and Southern New Mexico regions. Specializing in earth-moving, storm drainage and paving work, Prime Construction was recently contracted on a combination project for the upcoming Mister Carwash and the new Brake Masters that will go up soon near West Towne Marketplace at 7810 Paseo Del Norte.

It’s always music to our ears when we hear that our customers are continually satisfied with the products that we provide. Here’s what Jimmy had to say about our near 15-year partnership: “Their inlets have been impeccable because we’ve had no returns, no complaints—so far, we’re perfect with them.” Interestingly, Jimmy shares that long before our partnership, his company paid “triple” in costs by attempting to “cast in place” their own inlets. Today, Western Precast appreciates that Prime Construction can fully rely on us to efficiently come through, so that they can focus on what they do best!

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