Employee Feature: Antonio Salas

With just a few years of industry experience under his belt, Antonio Salas is fairly new to the world of precast concrete, yet his professional growth has come at an accelerated pace. In the last three years he’s worked at Western Precast, his focus has been in steel reinforcement, specifically wire mesh, all while being cross-trained in virtually every area of production. From manholes, custom items and the inlet/vault department, Antonio has
learned more about our industry in his relatively short period of time with us that one might expect.

With a background in general construction, Antonio says he came with the simple desire to work and now, has really come to love his work … and it shows! Earning more than one pay raise during his short time here, while growing steadily alongside our company, Antonio says he’s grateful for the many opportunities that characterize our industry and specifically, Western Precast. Pointing out our numerous contracts and availability of work hours, he says he appreciates that there’s never a shortage of work. He also speaks highly of his superiors and the
team he serves, and says they’re always ready to listen and provide support. An avid traveler and karaoke singer, we’re proud to have Antonio with us and look forward to seeing him fully flourish in our competitive field!

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