Excessive Tardiness in the Workplace

Sergio Arvizu, Excessive Tardiness in the Workplace - Western Precast Concrete

Employees who regularly fail to show up for work on time put a burden on their colleagues and exhibit general unprofessional behavior.

General Impact of Tardiness:

When employees don’t show up for their assigned shifts on time, there’s an immediate negative impact. Coworkers might have to cover for the tardy employee until they show up, putting them behind on their own work. Important meetings and projects might also have to be delayed. Dealing with this unprofessional behavior can make other employees resentful, which can lead to decreased morale and reduced job satisfaction, as well as poor interpersonal relationships with other workers.

So, special thanks to all our Western Precast employees on their great effort of showing up on time every day!

By: Sergio Arvizu
Personnel/Safety Director