My Dream Is To Be An Architect

Julio Esquivel, Wester Precast Concrete

Julio Esquivel, an El Paso Community College student, is the newest member of the Drafting team at Western Precast Concrete, Inc., whose responsibilities involve taking care of any given drafting project. Julio hopes to graduate in the fall with his Associate of Applied Science degree in drafting. “I am very excited about the job opportunity with Wester Precast Concrete, Inc. I will not only be able to put the things I’ve learned into play, but I will also learn a whole lot. I am basically getting acquainted right now and am starting from the bottom,’ says Esquivel who began his position in March. With great ambition and a dream t become an architect, Julio is sure to put forth great effort. Western Precast Concrete, Inc. welcomes Julio aboard!

My Home

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