Employee Spotlight: Juan Alvarez

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Juan Alvarez has been a dedicated employee of Western Precast Concrete for 10 years. His history is full when it comes to what he loves and how he has set his mind in the direction of preparing to do what he loves, both in his personal and professional life. As a professional mechanic, Alvarez has educational degrees from El Paso Community College in both areas of automotive and diesel mechanics which provides him the stable background to do exactly what he does at Western Precast.

Juan AlvarezBefore coming to work for Western, he worked in a job at Wrangler Factory in quality control and fabrication. for 16 years. What is the best thing about his career at Western now? His capability. In his position, he says, “I am not just a mechanic in my job. I take care of mixers and the concrete plant, sometimes electrical, and it’s so much better than just working on vehicles because I don’t repeat exactly the same thing all of the time. There is some nice variety.

Alvarez really does like his position. “I really like the owners of Western and my bosses”, he continues. “It really makes my job easier that I am supported and can get all the parts that I need to complete a project or in my day to day work I have the resources necessary available to me to complete every project.

What is Alvarez home life like? “My passion is cars and mechanics so when I am at home I do the same and work on projects or my friends cars. Right now, I am working on a house—and with Gods help I will finish it.” Alvarez enjoys being with his family and having parties and cook outs.

He has 3 children who he hopes will all graduate from college for a good future career and he knows his family depends on him. “I have a good future at Western Precast.”

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