Equipment Maintenance

Equipment Maintenance - Western Precast Concrete

The Western Precast maintenance workshop at this time is in one of the most important phases of our company’s operations, specifically with respect to the concrete mixer. We will perform annual maintenance that consists of replacing damaged or worn parts, including the mixing blades for the material and the oils within the interior components, as well as the cable inside the material bucket. We are also checking for damage due to either regular wear and tear, or that resulting from the environment. The replacement of the blades is essential, since the objective is to keep them in good condition, as well as properly adjusted, which is 1/8 at the level of the floor of the interior.

As a result, the quality of our concrete mix is in excellent condition, enabling our products to also be of excellent quality. The oils we use for the components of the interior of the mixer are of top quality and in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications, helping to reduce friction, wear and the high temperatures of the main gear inside the mixer. These inspections are also carried out frequently, at least once a month, in order to detect problems in time and be one step ahead of any problems that may arise. We take control of our concrete mixers, so that our products are manufactured in excellent condition, while reducing any lost time for needed repairs.

Photo/Foto: John Horta

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